Water and environment research associations produce and manage sampling and research data. Most of that data has a spatial element. Thus management of spatial data has become an important part of the work of these associations. GIS Consultants Ltd has helped the associations to develop the management of their spatial data.

GIS Consultants Ltd helped three environmental research associations (The Association for Water and Environment of Western Uusimaa, Water and Environment Research of South-Western Finland, Environmental Research of Savo-Karelia) to manage their spatial data with a Geographic Information System based on Open Source GIS software. The associations have decided to base their system environment on QGIS and PostGIS. GIS Consultants helped in database design, conversion of data to the new database and visualization and management of the data. We also trained trained the experts of the associations to use QGIS and PostGIS database. As a result  of the work the associations have a spatial database that in addition to their own data holds a comprehensive collection of external open data with implemented visualization.

As part of the work we implemented a custom symbolization for the topographic map data of National Land Survey. Using the new visualization the associations can use background map whose look and level of details serves well the needs of their report and study maps.

In the next project phase we studied suitable methods for publishing the spatial data of the associations. The associations will develop distribution and visualization of their data. The data will be published in different ways for the clients, stakeholders and to the public.

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